Which applications can your products be used for?
Perfect for both residential and commercial interiors for any floor to ceiling application — as well as architectural elements, saunas and pools, and artistic embellishments like murals and tapestries — our tiles add a touch of luxury and a whole lot of style. Which appliucations can your products be used for?
Can you replicate a Custom Design out of glass or marble? 
Yes, we at ORRO Artistic Tile specialize in Custom Mosaic Artwork and Mosaic murals, Our artists can replicate any pattern, designs, logo or portrait in Marble and Glass Mosaic. 
Who can i use to install your products?
When dealing with quality and design, it is important to have the right person for any job. As an additional service to our clients ORRO provides a Professional Team of Mosaic and Tile specialist, that can complete any project promplty and quitly leaving the project clean and done to perfection.
Do you assist your clients with product recommendation or design suggestion?
Yes, at ORRO we are not in sales … we are in service and we provide a full range of additional services, some of which are recommending design ideas, working with our clients to choose the right combination of colours, shapes, styles to accommodate to their residential or commercial projects.
What is the lead time for special order or custom items?
Each order is different and unique, therefor the productions time can vary from 14 days to 30 days. 
After which we offer 2 methods of delivery of your product to your project. The most conventional way is shipping the proiduct from over seas by a ship. Which on avarage take 30 days, depending on the country of origin.
But for those "must have right away" time lines, we offer our clients an affordable option of Air Freight, generally throught leading companies like Fed-ex or UPS, we can have the goods delivered to your project with in 5-7 business days.

Get Inspired

  • Creative, colorful and eye-catching, mosaic patterns are showing up everywhere - from backsplashes to borders and from showers to swimming pools


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